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getting credit, so he was conte▓nt to work instead of talk. ● But on his next visit to Lawrence, he to▓ok occasion to put a hypothetical question ●which went directly to the h●eart of his perplexity and for w●hich he very much wanted an answer--though he ▓didn't expect to get it. Lawrence, h●e said, in a casual tone, having first care▓fully taken a position where

he ha▓d the advantage of the light in watching ●the other man's face, have ▓you considered the possibilit▓y that Miss Wolcott may, after all, have had ▓nothing to do with that affair ●Lawrence

turned upon him with swift amaze▓ment and anger. What do y

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dn't▓ hear me to save his ears.I mean si▓mply,--are you sure of your ▓premises You see, I am taking for grant●ed that your policy of silence is to protect--●oh, I won't mention her name agai▓n.But what if the facts should be tha●t she doesn't need

any protection What▓ if it really proves that you ar▓e making a sacrifice which i▓s not merely heroic but is unnecessary ●Suppose the woman who ran across▓ the street was someone else Have you● dared to tell--to hint-- What I might ▓dare to do is one thing, what▓ I have actually done is another.As a matter o▓f fact, I have neither told nor hinted,--nor h▓ave I knocked you down for thinking such ●a thing possible. Lawrence dropped into h●is chair and let his head sink on his● hand. I beg your pardon.But it ma●kes me wild to think how helples▓s I am.I can't keep Howell, for insta

nce, from ●mousing around, and I can't kee●p Bede from peeri

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g,● but even the police sometimes get hold of th●e right clue.You are trying▓ to keep them from a certain clue, at a ●tremendous risk to yourself, and yet you don't ▓know, you only suspect, that your si●lence may benefit the person I do no●t name.

Lawrence drummed impatien▓tly with his fingers for a min▓ute, and then he looked up with a direct● glance into Lyon's eyes. Lyon, you're● an awfully good fellow to have any pat▓ience with what must seem sheer unreason t●o you, and I wish I could be q●uite frank with you and make you ●see the situation as I do.But you are certain ▓to be put on the witness stand ●yourself, so I simply can't give you any facts w●hich you don't already know.You see that ● Yes,--but are they facts Lawrence loo●ked at him queerly.What explanatio▓n do you suggest for my cane being where it was● he aske

d. You left it som▓ewhere,--perhaps at the state library--

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, and ▓I shall never think of this room s▓o long as I live without feeling again the j●oy o

f a conqueror. May I ask why, you extr●aordina

ry man Because the one and o●nly

person has accepted my sug●gestion in regard to sile


nce● so sweetly.I have made several suggestions t▓o that person, I don't mind telling● you, which have not been accepted.●They have been turned down hard.It see●me